Keith Mitchell, A Former NFL LB on Mindful Meditation

It took just seconds for Keith Mitchell’s life to turn completely upside down. A spinal injury put the former NFL player in the hospital, where he was told he may never walk again. There, a nurse asked him a profound question. She asked if he knew what happens when a person breathes. So began his journey toward mindfulness. Now, years later, Mitchell is an accomplished yoga practitioner and influencer who works with adults and kids alike to encourage intentional living.

This week, Mitchell shares his story of growth and his transition out of sports and onto a new path in life. Athletes are taught to always focus on improving and getting better day by day. What if people adopted that same mindset in their everyday lives? What would our lives look like if we gave ourselves the space to find out expansive our possibilities could be? By shifting our perspective, we can take away the limitations and explore our full potential.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Give attention to the positive, not the negative
  • Put important concepts into a frame you can understand
  • Practice intentional thought and action
  • Shift to a mindset without limitations
  • Take meditation one step further with mindfulness


“I thought I knew my physical body, but I realized I knew how to push myself, but I didn’t know how to listen to myself.” -Keith Mitchell

“If I can’t conceptualize it, it can’t be a tool for me. Only when I begin to understand how it works within me, can I actually access it and use it as a tool.” -Keith Mitchell

“Meditation allows you to drift into a present state. Mindfulness actually puts a call to action on the back end. … It’s a strategic plan that gets us in the game and not on the sidelines.” -Keith Mitchell

“Whatever you give attention to will grow. So, we’re feeding this developmental aspect of ourselves. It’s focusing on the gains instead of focusing on the losses. It’s realizing, OK, I’m here, I acknowledge I’m at this present space, this time and moment, but I don’t have to stay here. It’s not good or bad, but I can make a choice to be better.” -Keith Mitchell

“We’re the ones that are going to be the catalysts of maintaining and allowing this growth and development to come about, but we have to see ourselves in a different light and we have to allow ourselves to go out and create a platform of putting your voice out there and sending encouragement to people.” -Keith Mitchell


You can get in touch with Keith Mitchell online at, on Instagram @keithmitchell59, and on Twitter @k_mitchell59. Also, keep an eye out for his new book, “The Mindfulness Playbook: Eight Strategies for Winning at the Game of Life,” coming out soon.

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