Kimberly Castle, Ms. Canada

Landing the cover of Oxygen magazine, starting her own Canadian beauty pageant and coaching women around the world has taught Kimberly Castle one crucial lesson: consistency pays off.

She learned quickly that if she was consistent with her work outs and diet regime, the fitness results that she desired would come quickly. Using her newfound perspective, Kimberly took this life lesson to other aspects of her life. She realized that it didn’t take anybody particularly talented to attain this success, just somebody who was willing to put in the work.

Using this profound knowledge, Kimberly decided it was time to help other women make the same realization.

Coaching women around the world between ages 25-50 years old, Kimberly’s focus is set on shattering her clients body shaming habits and opening their eyes to their beauty, capabilities and strengths. She gracefully balances her coaching business, a full time job as Vice President of Global Technology at Metlife, Mrs. Canada Globe Pageant and her personal fitness.

Kimberly’s tips for creating a successful career:

Be consistent.

Shortly after landing the Oxygen cover, Kimberly figured out that she would need to do much more work to climb the ladder to where she wanted to be.

Hard work beats talent.

Coming face to face with a jealous colleague, Kimberly was told that she was “nobody special.” The words resonated with her and her perspective shifted. Talent didn’t separate those who succeeded from those who failed, hard work was the driving force.

Seek opportunities, don’t wait for them to come to you.

Taking the wheel, she decided to write her own story. Kimberly reminded herself that she was good enough for career changing opportunities. Instead of believing that somebody else was more deserving, she started asking herself, “Why not me?”.

Keep your blinders on.

Kimberly purposefully focuses on her personal growth, career growth and opportunities and ignores all the outside noise from social media. Dropping her fears of being judged by peers, she has been able to continuously grow her businesses and excel as a Vice President and CEO.

In this episode.. 

In this episode, you’ll learn how Kim transitioned from a novice gym routine to the cover of Oxygen women’s health magazine. We talk about specific mindset shifts that upgraded her perspective and showed her a clear path to success as well as her advice for those looking to level up their career and life. Kim also gives us a lesson on balancing a full plate, explaining the number one strategy that she uses to ensure that she is excelling at her many jobs.

Key Points

02:51-Kim’s Personal And Professional Background

06:13-How Kim Landed The Cover of Oxygen Magazine

07:00-What The Oxygen Cover Taught Kim About Consistency

07:45-Kim’s Struggle With Living Up To The Expectations Of The Cover

09:55-How Kim Became Confident In Herself

13:00-The Impact Confidence Had On Kimberly’s Life

16:05-How Kim Balances All Of Her Projects And Jobs

18:39-How Kim Avoids The Trap Of Comparison

Better Than Yesterday Quotes

“My life has done a total 180, and dreams are coming true that I never imagined could come true and it’s simply because I’m believing that I can do it.”

“You’re absolutely right I’m not special, anybody can do this! If you put your mind to it and you are consistent and persistent, anybody can do it. It’s just not everybody is willing to do the work.”

“You achieve that one goal, but you still need to do the work to continue to grow.”

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