Kyle Brown, The Mindset Required to Find Success Away from Comfort

Comfort zones are tricky things. They make us feel secure, but they can also hold us back by keeping us from taking that leap and trying something new. This week, we hear from Kyle Brown—coach, comedian, father, and entrepreneur—about the importance of pushing boundaries and venturing outside that comfort zone to see what we can do if we put our mind to it.

In his own life, he’s had to work through mental and physical challenges to get where he is today. It can be easy to get stuck on repeat, or in “analysis paralysis,” as Brown describes it, saying or thinking about negative things until they essentially become true. He’s found an outlet for that through stand-up comedy and fitness, with a touch of meditation, and shares tips on how to build mental fortitude as he’s learned to. With both humor and humility, anyone can take a chance, break through barriers, and tap into an inner strength they didn’t know they had.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Slow down to speed up: take things one step at a time for faster growth
  • Step out of a place of power in order to learn and try
  • Practice unconditional love for oneself and find gratitude every day
  • Be mindful about thoughts and actions
  • Become action-oriented and take opportunities as they come


“There aren’t many things in life that you can do to quickly change your state, but I think fitness is, to me, one of the best next to comedy.” -Kyle Brown

“Anything that we are not naturally gifted in—which is really pretty much everything for everyone—is just an opportunity for growth.” -Kyle Brown

Nobody of substance is going to take the time to judge you and most people who have no substance are so insecure they’re focused on their own flaws, not yours.” -Kyle Brown

“The more you start studying personal development and the mind, and mental toughness and fortitude, the more you understand that so much of this is a mental game before it ever becomes a physical game.” -Kyle Brown

“The mental aspect of talking yourself into doing it and taking action and being focused on what you’re doing and why you’re doing it is always more important.” – Jake Thompson

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