Dr. Lara Pence, Spartan Mind Doc

Dr. Lara Pence

Gratitude is the name of the game. It’s a simple, yet rewarding practice that separates the great from the good. It keeps us both grounded and able to improve exponentially. This week, we hear from Dallas-based licensed clinical psychologist and Chief Mind Doctor of Spartan Race, Dr. Lara Pence. She shares tips on being grateful every day and overcoming mental obstacles through stories from her work with the Spartan Race.

She’s worked with athletes who are just starting out and those who are at the top of their class and says the mentalities, doubts, fears, and inner narratives she hears are often quite similar across the board. We all have stories we tell ourselves. They may hold us back and be rooted in a time we were told we couldn’t do something. Maybe they actually push us to try harder if they came from a time someone believed we could overcome.

It’s important to question our guiding stories and find if they’re still serving our interests. If not, it’s time to change the words, find out what really sparks joy, and get back on the path to success.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Practice gratitude on a regular basis
  • Overcome mental obstacles by identifying their roots
  • Ask if your guiding stories are serving your interests or not
  • Stay focused, present, and resilient
  • Align your work with your values


“We are so much more complex than we think we are.” -Dr. Lara Pence

“The games that we play with ourselves in our head and the mental obstacles that we come up against are so similar across the board.” -Dr. Lara Pence

“I think, in some ways, that really having an awareness of where to step into gratitude separates some of the great from just the good.” -Dr. Lara Pence

“Gratitude keeps us present, it keeps us constantly focused on things we’re grateful for and allowing us to move forward.” -Dr. Lara Pence

“I think being able to identify those stories really helps in our ability to rewrite them. If we don’t know what story is driving our behavior we can’t even ask ourselves if it is serving us or not.” -Dr. Lara Pence


You can follow Dr. Lara Pence on Instagram @drlarapence and on her website, www.drlarapence.com. Dr. Pence also recently launched a new series of videos on YouTube here.

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