Laurie Christine King

One of the hardest challenges you may have to face is your own environment. Whether it’s the people in your inner circles or the space you’re living in or your job, it’s nearly impossible to outperform that which surrounds you every day.

That’s why refining your space and time to make it reflect your goals is key to achieving success. That’s just one of the tips from this week’s guest, personal trainer and nutrition and lifestyle coach Laurie King.

Each and every one of us is different, so we need different things to keep us motivated and on track. Sometimes you have to give yourself a break. Other times, you have to push your hardest. But learning what you need around you to help you on that path to success is the first step.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Surround yourself with people going where you want to go
  • Make sure your environment reflects your goals
  • Remember to take rest and recovery days
  • Find your specialization as a coach and stick with it
  • Recognize mental challenges so you can overcome them


“People don’t need more information, surprisingly. The reason why the coaching model works is people need accountability. … Are we showing up and doing the things?” -Laurie King

“That’s a lot of what we’re doing is helping people find better relationships with their bed, their job, the gym, but also eating habits (and more) because there’s so much mindset and mental stuff that flies under the radar.” -Laurie King

“It’s giving people that space and permission to (see that) hey, you’re more than the number between your toes on a little scale.” -Laurie King

“Everybody has a different body and you have to find the things that work for you. It’s all just down to a lifestyle.” -Laurie King

“You are the sum of the people closest to you.” -Laurie King


You can follow Laurie King on Instagram @LaurieChristineKing and on her website, You can find out more about Paragon Training Methods on Instagram @ParagonTrainingMethods.

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Episode 145