Investing in Who’s Next with Meridith Elliott Powell

Even through times of great uncertainty, there are things individuals and businesses can do to ensure they have strong foundations. This week, business growth, sales, and leadership expert Meridith Elliott Powell talks about the power of people and shares tips for creating a sustainable and growth-oriented platform through investing in the people that drive your business.

Your competition can do what you can do; they can make what you can make. The only real difference between you and them is your network and your reputation in the marketplace. That’s why it’s critical to give your employees the chance to learn and grow over time and surround yourself with people you can learn from. Within your business, it’s important to think about long-term viability. One of the ways to work toward that is to build succession into every level of your business. That way, even when there’s upheaval as we’ve seen during the coronavirus pandemic, there will always be someone who can step into other roles and keep continuity for your brand.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Build succession into your business
  • Lead by example
  • Use failure as a learning tool
  • Give employees opportunities to grow
  • Build up your network of contacts


“I think I must be the type of person who likes to run towards the gunfire because the challenge, the uncertainty, has always been what I like to do.” -Meridith Elliott Powell

“The only real advantage left in today’s marketplace is the people that you surround yourself with.” -Meridith Elliott Powell

“In an uncertain marketplace, which will remain uncertain, people aren’t looking to come to work for you for 30 years, they’re looking to come to work for you to learn and grow and contribute.” -Meridith Elliott Powell

“Progress is going to lead me to the next door, and the next door will open and I will go through that door. I just think that it may sound really simple, but I believe that success happens from progress, and progress only has to be an inch. It just needs to be one foot; you did something different today to move you forward and that will lead to the door that will open the path.” -Meridith Elliott Powell

“I really believe if you build your network, you change your life.” -Meridith Elliott Powell

“Failure’s just part of the process; we just have to be the hardest working.” -Jake Thompson


You can find out more about Meridith Elliott Powell’s work on her website, There you can find links to her book, Who Comes Next?: Leadership Succession Planning Made Easy, a workbook and other free resources and tools to use during the pandemic and after.


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