Make WODS Great Again with John Wooley

For John Wooley, the journey from posting a few CrossFit memes on an Instagram account to having more than 250,000 followers on his now-iconic fitness satire page was a surprising one. He says he’s always been able to find humor in things, but never expected something personal to gain such a large and widespread following. And now that he’s found his voice, he says it’s important for him to use it.

He’s used his page to talk about everything from COVID and depression to racism and George Floyd, all while staying true to his original thread of memes that take the mickey out of coaches, fitness tropes, and gym life. “If you figure out your joke or whatever it may be, and then you take it to its most absurd point, you can almost talk about anything,” he says. The success of his first platform has since led to the creation of a podcast and YouTube channel. Looking back, Wooley says if his humor or willingness to talk about serious topics has helped even just a single person have a better time, the journey has been worth it.

Key Moments You Don’t Want to Miss:

  1. Social media spike- When John Wooley saw his satirical Instagram account go from 300 followers to over 10,000 in a month
  2. Leveraging the platform- How he uses humor and his social media following to talk about important issues
  3. Starting with purpose- How playing with his young daughters inspired him to begin his later-in-life fitness journey
  4. Giving back- How he’s practicing a year of gratitude and says that if he’s helped one person, it’s all been worth it

What You’ll Learn:

  • Practice gratitude and thankfulness
  • Scale your workouts for long-term results
  • Add value to your followers with smart content
  • Use humor to bridge divides
  • Learn from successful people around you


“If I’m going to have a voice, I’m going to use it.” -John Wooley

 “We’re a community of people that should be coming together and laughing and enjoying each other and realizing that our differences are far smaller than the things that we have similar. If I can be a part of propagating that and pushing it together and helping people see that, I’ve accomplished something.” -John Wooley


You can follow John Wooley’s satire page on Instagram and YouTube @makewodsgreatagain. You can find the podcast he co-hosts with Niki Brazier, “Make Pods Great Again,” anywhere you get your podcasts. Links to all of these and more are available on his website.

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