Nate Smith, MLB Pitcher & the Midnight Rule

Playing professional baseball has made its way onto wish lists and into childhood dreams for well over a century. Nate Smith never lost sight of that aspiration and today, he serves as living proof that grit and determination can get you where you want to go. In 2013, Nate was drafted by the Los Angeles Angels and is currently on the cusp of pitching in the major leagues. But most know that a career in baseball is as exciting as it is grueling.

Baseball life is a 162+ game marathon with a roster of other mental and physical demands. With the constant ups and downs, innings and outings, wins and fails, a professional player’s focus and drive can undergo some major wear and tear. How do you get past defeat without letting it consume you? Persevere through loss and failure? Stay motivated and sustain belief in yourself and your abilities?

In this episode, Nate shares what methods he uses to keep focused, stay competitive and not only rebound from a bad game but use it to make him better than he was yesterday.

Nate’s tips to being a better competitor in your own life:

Maintain focus

  • Create long-term and short-term goals. “Don’t forget the checkpoints along the way.”
  • Write them down and place them somewhere you’ll see them every day.
  • Share them with family and friends to get consistent encouragement.

Rebound from failure and bad starts using Nate’s Midnight Rule

  • Let out your anger, frustrations, and any other negative emotions.
  • When 12:01 hits, gain composure and move forward thinking about your next start.
  • Assess and embrace what went wrong in your last start. Apply what you learn to get ready for your next one.

Having a specific time of day to ‘flip the switch’ helps Nate keep his vision in mind and a calm focus during the week as he prepares for his next start.


  • A pitcher from Cincinnati, OH
  • Played baseball since age 3
  • Drafted by the Los Angeles Angels in 2013
  • Currently preparing for spring training


  • Holding on to his core belief that he’s good enough to play professional baseball helps him ride the ups and downs of the season.
  • Nate’s goal for 2018 is to make his debut.


  • Be intentional about your relationships and surround yourself with people that challenge you.
  • When you have people supporting you, it gives you even more of a purpose to achieve your goals.


“I have a core group of friends…Who I know I can lean on through tough times and I know I can ask tough questions to.”

“I don’t want people to relate me to my stats or how good I am. I want people to know Nate Smith as ‘he was a great dude and did this for me.”

“In baseball, you’re going to have failure more than success and that’s just part of the game. How you deal with that failure is more important than the failure in my mind.”




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