Nicole Biscuiti, The Chestee Founder

Nicole Biscuiti, The Founder

New ventures don’t happen overnight. Sometimes it can take months or even years to see your ideas come to fruition. But with grit and a goal-oriented mindset, you can move your side hustle to center stage. This week, small business owner Nicole Biscuiti talks about the power of relationships and drive as she shares the story of developing her product and turning it into a full-time career. 

After a particularly grueling barbell workout in the hot Florida sun, Biscuiti came up with the idea for the Chestee, which is a sports bra with collarbone protection. The first iterations of her product needed work, but after a series of ups and downs, she turned her idea into reality. Now, the company is entering its fifth year. It took finding mentors who could help her learn and grow and the personal dedication to follow their advice. Biscuiti credits being bullheaded and passionate, along with being a good listener, with helping her get where she is today.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Set benchmarks to stay on track
  • Stay focused and goal-oriented
  • Learn to pivot and adapt to new opportunities
  • Find mentors who excel where you’re lacking
  • Build relationships and work on people skills


“At the end of the day, we all sell something, but the people are buying why you’re doing it and not what you’re doing.” -Nicole Biscuiti

“If you have learned and created and honed skills that are people skills, you will be successful doing whatever.” -Nicole Biscuiti

“The biggest thing is don’t wait until it’s perfect to do it because it’s never going to be perfect.” -Nicole Biscuiti

“There is no small business that is successful after many, many years that lacks passionate people.” -Nicole Biscuiti

“Intentionality is huge.” -Jake Thompson


You can find out more about Nicole Biscuiti’s product and company at The Chestee is also on all social media platforms with the same handle @TheChestee. You can follow her personal story on social media (especially Instagram) @butterandbiscuits.

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