Living Your PRISE Life with Dr. Paul Arciero

It’s the day-by-day and moment-by-moment changes you make that will ultimately shape your future outcomes. That’s the key message from this week’s guest, scientist, author, and speaker Dr. Paul Arciero. Years of study and research led him to create the PRISE lifestyle, which is based on living a healthy and whole life.

What you eat and how you move and use your body shape the way you live in the world. They influence your emotional and mental wellbeing and even how you interact with the people closest to you. It can be tough to change the habits you have to get on track to living well. That’s why it’s important to figure out what value being healthy has for you. Defining its worth and meaning can help you get into the right mindset to change your habits and start living up to your full potential.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Focus on nutrition
  • Practice an active lifestyle
  • Pay attention to emotional wellbeing
  • Make daily changes for long-term outcomes
  • Define the value of healthy living


“Life at various times presents itself in ways that we didn’t predict or imagine or necessarily want at the time. But boy, it sure does spring open some doors.” -Dr. Paul Arciero

“We truly are multi-dimensional organisms. We have so many dimensions to us.” -Dr. Paul Arciero

“So often, while you might assume that one door might have shut and that was it, that’s the end, there’s no more hope, there’s no way out, man, there’s just so much that we have within us to shine bright.” -Dr. Paul Arciero

“If things are going to really stick with people, if things are going to really hold value for people over the long term, they have to be grounded in a foundation that’s really rock solid.” -Dr. Paul Arciero

“It really comes down to, what is your reaction — what’s the value you’re getting from nourishing your body with a healthy food source or from engaging in a healthy, active lifestyle?” -Dr. Paul Arciero


You can find out more about Dr. Paul Arciero on his website, Arciero’s The PRISE Life: Protein Pacing for Optimal Health and Performance is available wherever you get your books. You can find out more at The accompanying cookbook, handbook, and coaches’ manual are expected to be released in the near future. You can follow along on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter @PriseLife.

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