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raising competitors

Hey Mom / Dad,

I’m glad you’re here. In my work of keynote speaking and teaching organizations about the importance of the Traits of a Competitor™, I started to have conversations with parents about the importance of sharing these lessons with their kids.

As a future parent, I became passionate about learning everything I could about this work and how it could be shared with youth athletes so that one day, I can help my future child(ren) succeed as Competitors in life.

This passion to equip the next generation with The Competitor Mindset became the genesis of Raising Competitors™.

Raising Competitors™ is a parent-driven platform and community for parents of youth ages 8-16 to be equipped with additional lessons, activities, and stories you can invest in your children’s future success. Each interview & post will be centered around one of the 5 Traits of a Winning Competitor™:

  • GRITThe ability to persevere with a sustained inner fire for your goal. Learn how to build & strengthen yours!
  • GROWTH MINDSET: Successful Competitors continually invest in learning and developing their skills. Learn how you can encourage the attitude of a lifelong learner!
  • GRATITUDEGratitude can change your world in an instant. Learn how to embrace an attitude of daily gratitude while continuing to pursue your goals and best life.
  • LEADERSHIP: Legacies are created when leaders create more leaders. Learn ways to build a lasting legacy by leading on your team, your school, and your home.

Raising Competitors™ is a safe place to exchange ideas, share activities, and learn new techniques helping your children succeed in sports, school, and life by learning the key traits of grit, gratitude, and leadership.

I’m excited to meet you and support you and your family!

Jake Thompson, Chief Encouragement Officer at Compete Every Day

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