Building Resilience & Self-Awareness for Uncertain Times with Rick Alexander

When you wake up each morning, your life could unfold in a thousand different and unexpected ways. Each day comes with new challenges, some of which you never could have predicted. Now, more than ever, many of us are learning to live within change we didn’t see coming. We are adapting to a new normal, which will continue to fluctuate and be reshaped with every passing day. This week, author, podcaster, and educator Rick Alexander talks about perseverance and resilience in an ever-changing world.

“When you find yourself in a situation where the world looks profoundly different than what you thought it was going to look like, the way that you talk to yourself is going to empower or disempower you,” he says. That’s why it’s important to ask the right questions and move forward, letting go of any attachment to ideas of how things should have gone. That will open you up to focusing on how things are and learning to live life to the fullest, no matter what happens next.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Develop perseverance to stabilize within change
  • Know your limits and when you need to stop
  • Make tough decisions with a clear head
  • Let go of preconceived notions of how things should be


“Focus on the part of it that you get to take with you and apply to every other aspect of your life and that’s you. That’s what you can build, and your character, and how you show up, and the questions you ask yourself when things get tough.” -Rick Alexander

“What I’ve found is a lot of times what feels broken is actually just a puzzle piece that hasn’t’ found its fit yet. The hardest part is to keep going when you can’t see that whole picture.” -Rick Alexander

“You are going to break your heart when you go after the life that you want. Things are not going to work out, people are going to let you down, businesses are going to fail, but that doesn’t make it not worth it. And in fact, actually, the best parts of life are finding out why it is worth it.” -Rick Alexander

 “We attach ourselves to the way that we hope things are going to go and when it doesn’t turn out to be that, we’ve decided that everything else is wrong. But the truth is it’s not wrong, it’s just different. So, we have to let go of our attachment to the way that we think things are going to be so that we can face what they actually are, ask ourselves the right questions, and then keep moving.” -Rick Alexander

“I think sometimes we have this idea that resilience is about resisting change, but it’s actually about stabilizing yourself within the change.” -Rick Alexander


You can find out more about Rick Alexander on his website,, and follow him on Instagram @rickalexander_. You can find his first book, Burn Your Couch: A Manifesto for the Average Averse, and latest book, Ambitious Heroes and Heartache: A Book About What It Means To Be Human, through his website. Also, check the Morning Coffee wherever you get your podcasts.

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