Roger Hinshaw, Grit is the Key to Being Great

Some kids come in with grit, others have to learn to develop it. But no matter how they started on a team, they need to learn perseverance to succeed both in sports and in life. This week, we hear from Houston Baptist University football coach Roger Hinshaw about the power of competition for kids and adults. He talks about the trends he’s seen during his many years as a coach and shows that while talent is often praised, it’s easier to come by than sheer determination.

The decision to be tough and stick it out through challenges and adversity is a decision each and every player and person has to make for themselves. After all, sometimes it’s easier to just quit. And if you quit once, what’s to stop you from quitting again? What stops you is grit. By getting out of your comfort zone and making yourself overcome difficulties, you set yourself on a path to succeed in life and in the game.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Overcoming adversity to develop grit
  • Persevere when faced with new and difficult competition
  • Get out of your comfort zone to learn adaptation strategies
  • Become comfortable with discomfort
  • Always put your best foot forward


“Talent is a gift; toughness is a choice.” -Roger Hinshaw

You’re either competing or you’re not. There’s no middle. Compete or not compete, that’s up to you, every day.” -Roger Hinshaw

“The positive things we talk about in athletics are the positive things that work for you when you go to work every day.” -Roger Hinshaw

You’ve got to compete every day to get your job and then protect that job when you get it because there’s so much competition.” -Roger Hinshaw

“It doesn’t matter about September—the first game—it matters about what you’re doing before the first game that will make you the best player and make us the best team.”

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Episode 89