Ryan Michler, Build a System for Success

You don’t have to be the most athletic, the wealthiest, the smartest, or the most talented to be very successful in what you want to do.

That’s the core message from today’s guest, Ryan Michler, founder of Order of Man. Order of Man is dedicated to building up strong, independent, and capable men. While men and women both may question their capacity for greatness because they don’t see themselves as the best at anything, Michler wants people to move past that roadblock.

In his own life, Michler says it’s taken commitment, discipline, structure, and accountability to build his business and pursue his goals. He hopes to pass on those lessons to his own children and also, to the people who may be able to use them to take their own lives to the next level. Not everyone is born with a certain skill set, but Michler says anyone can learn to compensate for anything if they try hard enough.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Seek out ways of being accountable
  • Develop a system to work more efficiently
  • Adjust and hone your methods to accomplish more
  • Learn to solve the problems you identify
  • Share tasks with others who may be able to do them better than you


“There’s this added level of accountability that comes with leadership.” -Ryan Michler

“I think that’s the state of men in general: We want to improve, we want to develop, we want to grow, we want to be more effective in whatever area of life that we’re showing up, and sometimes we just don’t have the methods.” -Ryan Michler

“Not everybody is going to be inherently athletic. Not everybody is born in a position of wealth and abundance. There’s opportunities that we have that we either have or we don’t have. And most of these things can be developed, but anything can be compensated for.” -Ryan Michler

“I think human beings are designed to identify problems. … I think it’s infinitely harder to find those who solve the problems.” -Ryan Michler

“I recognize that there’s people who are better at certain things than me.” -Ryan Michler


You can follow the Order of Man movement online at orderofman.com. You can also find links there to Ryan’s podcast and other resources. You can follow him on Instagram and Twitter @RyanMichler.

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