Episode 8: Salt Freedom

Transformation Shifts Your DNA

Salt Freedom and I connected this summer in Las Vegas at Amplify. As soon as I met her, I knew I needed to get her on the show and introduce her to the Compete community.

After winning her own 13 year battle with an eating disorder, SALT combined her insider knowledge and her training in holistic health to create SALT ED FREEDOM – a radically empowering and holistic eating disorder treatment method that challenges the status-quo recovery goals and treatment standards. SALT ED FREEDOM was created specifically for brave, rebellious woman, who don’t just want to recover. They want freedom.

Salt and I talk about her story and what went into starting her business. We talk about what’s behind addiction, how we need to transform ourselves before we help others, and getting past imposter syndrome.

Salt Freedom’s Journey

  • 2:50 Living with an eating disorder for 13 years and hating who she was
  • 4:20 Gaining muscle to look intimidating and mean so no one would pick on her
  • 5:10 Looking at her son and realizing that she needed to change her self-image

Salt Getting Motivated

  • 11:00 Getting started with her program and creating something to custom serve her audience
  • 16:05 All about Salted Freedom – the 5 month program made to create a transformation
  • 22:00 Looking back and seeing that the eating disorder reality is one of invented safety

Competitive Insights

  • 13:25 To get past imposter syndrome, take care of your own crap and then start at the beginning.
  • 14:20 The first stuff you create is going to be your worst stuff. You don’t magically become polished overnight.
  • 19:55 In so many of our struggles and additions, it’s not about the substance. It’s about what’s deeper than that.

Better Than Yesterday Quotes

“It doesn’t matter how much you talk about what’s wrong. The transformation and freedom is in the doing.”

“You can help nobody right now because you are not free. You can only lead people to where you are. Clean up your own crap and then you can help others.”

“Transformation is DNA shifting. It shifts who you are and how you think. It’s who’ve you become.”


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