Be Brave and Do Epic Things with Sonya Looney

Even when it’s freezing cold outside and she’s seven months pregnant, Sonya Looney is still on her mountain bike, pedaling hard to reach the finish line. When she can’t bike outside, she does it in her garage. It doesn’t matter that the same scenery isn’t flying past or that she’s not actually racing down a steep hillside. She’s visualizing her goals and challenging herself internally, which keeps her on track.

Staying on track is critical for Looney, especially as she’s someone who has switched tracks a lot to follow her passions. She’s worked in marketing and communications, studied engineering, and is a high-performance athlete, podcaster, public speaker, blogger, and entrepreneur. When she was first racing, she found herself facing a critical question. Should she quit because she wasn’t the best yet or find grit and determination and learn how to get there? She chose to persevere. This week, she shares tips on how to develop a strong growth mindset to keep going even when it gets tough and uncertainty reigns. 

What You’ll Learn:

  • Visualize your goals to stay on track
  • Seek out people who inspire you
  • Don’t be afraid to fail publicly
  • Learn how to manage time and expectations
  • Be open to uncertainty


“It’s just you out there. When you’re competing on a team, there’s different aspects, there’s different things that motivate you. But when you’re by yourself, especially for a 100-mile mountain bike race, there’s nowhere else to go but inside. So, you have to really learn how to know who you are and how you can keep yourself going, and whenever you bump up against resistance or those feelings of wanting to give up or wanting to quit, how to keep going.” -Sonya Looney

“I can quit and put my tail between my legs because I’m embarrassed that I didn’t win the race or even do well in the race, or I can finish and I can have a growth mindset and I can work harder and I can get better, and I can share that story which is way more inspiring than someone who just shows up and wins everything.” -Sonya Looney

“The thing that I’ve learned most from this is the busier you are or the more commitments you have, to a point, the more efficient you get because you only have a certain window of time.” -Sonya Looney

“Mindfulness is more about being aware of how you’re feeling and what you’re thinking and not being distracted by that and being curious about it.” -Sonya Looney

“It does take confidence to be able to sit with uncertainty, but the only way to get better at it is to put yourself in situations where you don’t know the outcomes.” -Sonya Looney


You can find out more about Sonya Looney at There, you’ll also find links to her public speaking, her blog, and her plant-based nutrition resources. You can also check out her apparel line at Follow her on Twitter @sonyalooney and on Instagram @sonyalooney1.

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