What Do You Mean “Step Back?”

A true competitor is determined to excel, even in the face of adversity. But adversity is much more than upsets, unfortunate events, or other external obstacles. Sometimes it’s our own pride that presents the challenge and holds us back from experiencing true growth.

No one wants to go backwards. It feels counterintuitive. Especially when so much effort goes into achieving greatness. But giving yourself the green light to put it in reverse could be exactly what you need to progress forward.

Taking a step back isn’t accepting failure or admitting defeat. It’s a way to gain perspective and clarity on challenging situations in your life. A time to reevaluate where to invest your valuable time, effort, and energy. A way to create space so you can tend to what might’ve been overlooked while pursuing success.

When stepping back might be the answer, fear and pride are the true adversities. Accept the challenge to overcome them so you can ultimately take ten steps forward toward your long-term success.

Jake Thompson, Founder and Chief Encouragement Officer at Compete Every Day, shares his insights on taking steps back:

  • Pride and growth can’t go hand in hand.
  • Allow yourself to collect the necessary energy, focus, and resources that enable you to take bigger steps forward later.
  • Every great individual that experienced failure, swallowed their pride, and willingly took a step back — ultimately won.


  • If taking two steps back allows you to take ten steps forward and ultimately reach that big goal, it’s better than only being able to take four steps and stopping.
  • If you’re at that crossroads and have to step backwards, don’t be afraid or care what others think.
  • The people that matter don’t care. The people that care don’t matter.


“In order for us to achieve the big goals and success we want, we have to learn to take a step backwards, perhaps two steps backwards, in order to take ten steps forward later.”

“You’re not admitting defeat by taking steps backwards, you’re giving yourself some breathing room.”

“We’re all about helping you be better than you were yesterday and continually pursuing greatness in all areas of your life.”


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Email: podcast@competeeveryday.com



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