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“Avoid stress, don’t do anything to physically exert yourself, and if you’re planning on having any children — don’t.” That’s the advice Susan Kovacs’ neurologist gave after diagnosing her with multiple sclerosis in 1985. Not something you want to hear when you’re in your mid-twenties, or at any point in your life at that. Anything she had planned for her future completely shifted. But just as easily as life can shift your plans, so can your mindset.

In her mid-fifties, Susan’s strength coach asked her to consider a triathlon. It was a dare that would take her well beyond her comfort zone and “the life doctors prescribed her.” Susan explored the true impact that mindset has on our lives and adopted the mantra “my body achieves what my mind believes.” With that, she made the physical and mental transition to being actively involved in athletics.

Combining her superpowers of research and personal experience, Susan has found her path as a performance mindset coach helping athletes, corporate leaders, sales professionals, and entrepreneurs optimize their performance through mindset mastery.

Here’s some key insights from this episode on mastering your mindset:

Confidence and Fear

  • Making decisions based on what others think or what you think others want from you is no way to live your life.
  • Others probably aren’t paying attention to what you’re doing so be fearless.
  • You don’t have to acheive something to gain confidence. You can choose to be confident and go from there.
  • Never let your age stop you.


  • Take one day at a time. Have one goal and complete it to the best of your ability. Move on to the next day. Complete that goal.
  • Decide what it is you want for your life and go for it.
  • Know what your goals are. What are the feelings behind the goal? How will you feel when you reach that goal? What’s your “why”?

If you’re struggling to pinpoint your “why”, consider:

  • The legacy you want to leave.
  • What you want people to know about you.
  • The first response may not be the core of your desire so keep drilling down why something is important to you. You end up in a different space.

Reframing Judgement

Judgmental tendencies tops Susan’s list of what people struggle with the most. Either they’re not aware or not willing to face it. Consider what happens when your made is made up about something. Whether that judgment is aimed at yourself, others, or a situation, you’ve shut out all other possibilities. So by reframing your perspective on judgements and comparisons, your life can become a revolving door of opportunities.


  • Diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in mid 20’s.
  • Mid 50’s, started working out with a strength coach who asked if she ever considered a triathlon.
  • Researched how mindset influences what we can do in our lives.
  • Started coaching because of the impact that mindset had on her life.


  • Sees MS diagnosis as a gift because it’s brought her where she is today.
  • Her inspiration is 87 year-old Madonna Buder whose completed 47 triathlons and began training at age 48.
  • Once you realize you don’t have to worry about what anybody else thinks about you, you can focus on who you are, what you want to achieve and pursue your goals and dreams.


  • The key to developing mental toughness is confidence.
  • When goals and values are aligned, you can overcome whatever adversity you’re facing.


“I wanted to know what I could do more than what I was doing.”

“So many people believe that we have to acheive something to get confidence. And we don’t. We can choose to be confident and go from there.”

“Having confidence gives us a fearlessness that allows us to move forward when we face adversities.”



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