Jon Vroman

Being a Front Row Dad with Jon Vroman

When you look at your calendar, does it reflect your priorities in life? How about the priorities you want to have? This week’s guest is entrepreneur, author, and speaker Jon Vroman. When he looked at his own calendar several years ago, he found...

Don Yaeger

Don Yaeger, Writing Your Best Life

Intentionality is a key component of a successful work method. It brings a project from concept to completion and can help you establish a disciplined process you can follow from start to finish. That’s one of the takeaways from this week’s show...

Kimberly Castle, Ms. Canada

Kimberly Castle, Ms. Canada

Landing the cover of Oxygen magazine, starting her own Canadian beauty pageant and coaching women around the world has taught Kimberly Castle one crucial lesson: consistency pays off. She learned quickly that if she was consistent with her work outs...