Dennys Lozada

Dennys Lozada, Make a Difference

Sometimes you need to refocus to follow your true calling. That’s at the heart of the message from this week’s guest, Nike Master Trainer, athlete, and personal coach Dennys Lozada. After spending years working 9-5 jobs in the corporate world...

Laurie Christine King

Laurie Christine King

One of the hardest challenges you may have to face is your own environment. Whether it’s the people in your inner circles or the space you’re living in or your job, it’s nearly impossible to outperform that which surrounds you every day. That’s why...

Jenny Dean, Workout With Works Out for You

It’s been a long and winding road for this week’s guest to get where she is today. After years a special education teacher, Jenny Dean decided it was time for her to have kids. Following the birth of her second child, her husband was traveling...