Find Your Burn with Ben Newman

Oftentimes, people look forward, wondering what opportunities might be just over the horizon, rather than seeking out connections and partnerships they have access to right now. It’s OK to take a leap into the unknown, but don’t forget to find ways...

DMGB with Brian Kight

For Brian Kight, unflinching realism and relentless optimism are like the two rails of a train track. Without either one, the train can’t move forward. For some people, taking a long, hard look at realism is a challenge. For others, it’s easy to get...

Set the Standard

Be the Standard

Leaders set the tone, energy, & standard for others so they have a benchmark with which to rise up to.
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Set the Pace

Why Competitors Set the Pace

You can’t lead someone else with your lips – you lead them with your life. Take this example from the ESPN The Last Dance documentary & learn why you must compete with your life before you can ever expect your team to do the...