Set the Standard

Be the Standard

Leaders set the tone, energy, & standard for others so they have a benchmark with which to rise up to.
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Set the Pace

Why Competitors Set the Pace

You can’t lead someone else with your lips – you lead them with your life. Take this example from the ESPN The Last Dance documentary & learn why you must compete with your life before you can ever expect your team to do the...

Who You Need to Vote For

BONUS: Who You Need to Vote For

Today, Jake dives into the one decision you should consider most heading into a new month and the upcoming election. All of the attention (or shouting) on social media is why you have to vote for this person or that person. It’s taking...

The Uniform of Leadership with Jason Romano

To be a leader is to have the ability to impact other people’s lives. It’s not about the title, the status, or the amount of money you make; it’s about being a positive influence on those around you. That’s why it doesn’t just appear in the...