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Lindsey Wilson, Positive Performance Training

Winning The Inner Game with Lindsey Wilson

Moving mountains starts with a single rock. For Lindsey Wilson, visualizing the future she wants to create is what helps her prepare for the monumental task of getting there. A former professional basketball player and current full-time entrepreneur...

Be Brave and Do Epic Things with Sonya Looney

Even when it’s freezing cold outside and she’s seven months pregnant, Sonya Looney is still on her mountain bike, pedaling hard to reach the finish line. When she can’t bike outside, she does it in her garage. It doesn’t matter that the same scenery...

Randy Jackson

Randy Jackson, Culture Beats Strategy

For Coach Randy Jackson, culture is key. This week on the podcast, we hear from Jackson about team-building and co-creating team culture to create a framework both players and coaches buy into. After all, he says, if a group has common goals and...