How to maintain motivation for months at a time.

How to Maintain Motivation for Months

Learn ways to maintain your motivation for months at a time and how to overcome the top 3 reasons people lose motivation. *Note – this episode contains explicit language. Jake went on a rant. Join Competitor Nation by clicking here. Save...

What to do when motivation fails you

What to Do When You’re Not Motivated

Motivation will fail you. You will wake up more than once a week without the motivation to do the necessary work to move toward your goals. Most people wait on motivation. They work hard on the days they feel “it” and they do nothing on...

Competitors Always Do Something

Competitors Always Do Something

Is your decision to take action every day determined by your current position – or your long-term commitment? Most people stay in neutral because they justify if they can’t do “everything,” there’s no sense in doing...