Think fast. Compete fast.

Think Fast. Compete Fast.

The faster you think, the faster you play. This is why athletes train religiously on basic footwork & drills so that it becomes instinctive. It’s why coaches try to make complex gameplans simple to digest & execute. The more you think...

What to do when motivation fails you

What to Do When You’re Not Motivated

Motivation will fail you. You will wake up more than once a week without the motivation to do the necessary work to move toward your goals. Most people wait on motivation. They work hard on the days they feel “it” and they do nothing on...

Something Beats Nothing

Something Beats Nothing

It’s easy to make the excuse that if we aren’t motivated, taking a day off is ok. In reality, Champions make sure that every day is the day they take a step forward. It can be one step forward, or it can be ten. But something done every...

Compete Every Day female working out

How to Kill Your “Just In Case” Excuse

Sometimes, you need to have a garage sale to get rid of all the useless stuff that you’ve accumulated in your house. It takes up space and it takes up time and doesn’t give you anything in return. The same thing happens with our excuses. We let them...