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Lindsey Wilson, Positive Performance Training

Winning The Inner Game with Lindsey Wilson

Moving mountains starts with a single rock. For Lindsey Wilson, visualizing the future she wants to create is what helps her prepare for the monumental task of getting there. A former professional basketball player and current full-time entrepreneur...

Lani Silversides

Strong Girls United with Lani Silversides

Every person has a body, a heart, and a mind. It’s where these three components come together that the magic happens, says this week’s guest, teacher and coach Lani Silversides. Practicing mindfulness about how we speak with and act around kids can...

Nicole Denes, Be Complete

Be Complete Athletics with Nicole Denes

Kids are like sponges. They soak up whatever you say to them, as parents or coaches, and learn how to act and react from the behavior they see modeled for them. That’s why it’s important to be mindful of how you respond. This week, coach Nicole...

Kip Watson

Kip Watson, BrainCode Corp

Kip Watson is a former tackle football player with a seminary degree who raised two kids while building a business. Kip helps people discover and improve beliefs, habits, and tools to be successful and achieve more than they thought possible. Kip...