Doc Wright, The Wright Edge

Like so many Americans, Doc Wright wasn’t happy with his job. Fresh out of college, he transitioned into corporate America — spending years in a world he “didn’t really ever quite fit in.”

To deal with the stress from work, Doc found relief in woodworking. After taking on a few small projects from friends and local businesses, others took notice of his unique style and creativity. It wasn’t long before he landed a bid with a large home builder company in Texas. Doc saw the opportunity to carve a different path for his future. And he took it.

Two and a half months from his first table project, Doc quit his job to start his custom furniture company, The Wright Edge. The business narrowed its focus on crafting big slab live edge wood furniture after Doc noticed a serious gap in the market for it. He’s been fortunate enough not to rely on paid marketing or advertising to generate business. And less than a year out, Doc has already added a business partner and an intern to the roster to keep up with the growing clientele.

Here’s Doc’s key insights on making a small business succeed:

Smart Business

  • Prepare for the slow days.
  • Be financially smart enough to mitigate low times and play smart with the high times.
  • Be open to evolving your company
  • But find your singular focus and stay on that path

Generating Business

  • Take advantage of social media
  • Optimize your business Instagram account
  • Make quality your number one priority. Word-of-mouth is still one of the most effective ways to gain customers.
  • Remain open to different methods of promotion. Doc was contacted by a local art dealer wanting to put on a gallery for his work.


The fear of not succeeding is something most people have. But failing to take the chance to succeed is a failure in itself. Any career path or job comes with its own set of struggles. It’s really a matter of deciding whose dream you’re making a reality when those struggles become victories.

If you aspire to shed the corporate tie and aim to offer the world your creativity, this episode is for you.


  • Worked as a geologist for 4 years
  • Started woodworking for stress relief from job
  • Built and sold small projects locally and gained momentum quickly
  • Went all in and quit corporate job to start his own custom furniture business


  • Favorite part of the job is the look on the client’s faces when they see their finished product.
  • Products with your name on it should be the best of the best. Quality is priority number one.
  • Has an incredible support cast to get advice from.


  • Most smaller companies are intimidated to tackle the size of projects Doc is doing. Don’t be afraid to change the game with your vision.
  • All hard workers don’t know when to quit or how to quit.
  • Attention to detail is a general must for any business owner.


“That’s all I know is hard work. Hard work isn’t hard, it’s just dedication and being proud of the product you put out.”

“The stuff that’s gotten the most recognition is stuff we’ve just played around with and had a creative idea we wanted to run with.”

“Once you accept that you’re going to fail at something no matter what, the fear is objectified and you get past it and take the risk. Take the chance.”


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