Put Up Your Own Weights

Leaders don’t pass the buck to someone else. They take responsibility for their actions and decisions and work to change them in the future if they need improvement. Owning your choices is an integral part of learning what you have control over in your own life.

By understanding that you play a part in creating the situation you’re in, you can take action to change that situation and improve your decision-making. If you don’t take responsibility, it’s easy instead to take a backseat in your own life and become a follower, rather than a leader. So, each and every day, remember that it starts with you.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Own your decisions
  • Identify what is within your control to change
  • Work to fix your own problems
  • Don’t neglect the small tasks
  • Acknowledge the path that got you here


“It doesn’t matter if we are motivated to work on that project or not. What matters is what we do. We still control whether we take action or not.”

Jake Thompson

“If you think you’re too good to do the little things in life like picking up after yourself, taking responsibility for your actions, owning everything about it, why would anyone else want to follow you? Leaders don’t pass the buck to someone else.” -Jake Thompson

“It doesn’t matter what happened last year, last month, or last week. We still control what we do, what we say, and how we behave today.”

Jake Thompson

“Competitors and leaders know better. It doesn’t start with someone else. It starts with you.” -Jake Thompson

“You may not be exactly where you want to be at this moment in your life, but in order to improve your current situation, you need to first accept the responsibility of your own actions in getting you there.”

Jake Thompson

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