What Matters Most to You?

What’s the most important thing to you, popularity or progress?

The time to start is now. Too often, we talk ourselves out of switching careers or joining a gym or even picking up a new hobby because we tell ourselves we aren’t ready for it. We get caught up worrying about what other people will think. But the truth is there’s never going to be a perfect time to begin anything. The first step down a new path is always going to be difficult, which is why it’s better to get it out of the way now.

Waiting until the perfect time rolls around means waiting until our time’s up and all that’s left are what-ifs and regrets. No matter how sloppy or unpolished a new start is, it’s the only way to get where you ultimately want to go. You can’t finish something you never begin. You can’t improve something you never try. You can’t build your best life if you don’t lay the first brick. The perfect time isn’t coming, but the right time to begin is already here.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Don’t wait for the perfect time to start
  • Action leads to outcomes
  • Look past mistakes to see what’s being built
  • Show up to do better
  • Value progress over perfection


“Competitors seek challenges to grow and learn from.”

Jake Thompson

“This unhealthy obsession with perfection actually derails our ability to grow into better.”

“You can’t create something you’re proud of until you start creating something.”

Jake Thompson

“That polished 100th step doesn’t arrive until you trip over yourself taking the first one.”

“Embracing the process of growth is about choosing to focus on how you can get better today.”

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