Why Your Story Matters

Would you rather watch a movie about somebody who races cars daily or somebody who binge watches Netflix series every day?

The first movie would be filled with adventure, challenges and a set goal.

The second movie would be an hour and a half of a screen lighting up somebody’s face.

Our lives are direct representations of the actions that we are willing to take to ensure that we aren’t letting our time slip away.

So, why are we trying to make our lives into boring movies?

We tend to fear challenges. We cower away from struggle and openly choose the pat of least resistance. Yet, it’s those that face of adversity and we refuse to shy away that write the most epic stories. When a person is able to take on conflict and fight through to reach their end goal, they become a hero.

That single obstacle starts to define them and it transforms them into a stronger, more capable human. Our lives are designed for tough times and we are fitted with everything that we need to overcome them.

The most clear cut way to finding something worthy of fighting through these obstacles is by discovering your passion. Finding that thing that makes you come alive. Great characters have all found something that they love more than themselves.

2018 is the opening scene to the movie of your choice, are you going to fill your life with entertainment or TV screens?

Which story are you going to live?

It’s your life. It’s your legacy. It’s your story.

Write one hell of one this year.


In this episode, I’m here to motivate you to fight. Fight for the life of your dreams. Fight for your goals. Fight for your future. Realize three things: your story matters, you are in charge of writing it and that some of our greatest blessings can be packaged in unappealing boxes. I encourage you to read A Million Miles In A Thousand Years by Donald Miller, a book that inspired me to grab the pen and start writing a story worth reading.

Better Than Yesterday Quotes

“Great stories are made of great characters and so are great lives.”

“Our setbacks are the set ups for our lives greatest come backs.”

“You will never experience success, adventure or life by playing it safe.”

Time Points

02:12-This is why your story matters

03:08-Why are we trying to make our lives into boring movies?

06:21-Is your life one that others would want to watch?

07:14 Are you being actionable?

07:21-Every negative turn has the potential to be redeemed for something greater


10:10-Comfort never makes for a great story

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