Blueprint for Your Career Success with Will Baggett

Emotional intelligence is key to living a balanced and healthy life. It means learning to understand and manage your own emotions and the emotions of those around you. It takes introspection and space to get in touch with your own needs and pace. This week, sports management professional, author, and keynote speaker Will Baggett talks about showing up ready to give your best and taking a step back when you need to adjust.

Especially during challenging moments — like this one — it can be tempting to fall into easy routines just to get by. But research has shown that how we present ourselves, even during times of transition or upheaval, affects how we think and act. That’s why it’s important to be mindful, and always ask what you could be doing to add value to wherever you’re at at any given point in time. What you put in will shape what you, and others, get out. So, strive for contentment, not complacency, and take opportunities as they come.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Grow your emotional intelligence
  • Have patience with yourself
  • Look to add value where you are
  • Strive for contentment, not complacency
  • Seek balance in your life and work


“It has to be a balance. You have to create a schedule and a routine, but also give yourself some space and some freedom to change it up, as needed.” -Will Baggett

“I think the first thing in the morning is to make sure you get moving. Oftentimes, you get up and you want to stay in sweats all day, but research has shown that how you dress and how you show up has an effect on cognitive function.” -Will Baggett

“How can I give back? How can I teach people who may not have had the same mentorship that I had, or the same opportunities? Because you can’t always pick your mentors or your jobs or things like that.” -Will Baggett

“I think it’s just being great where you are and taking it day by day.” -Will Baggett

“When you’re in a space where you’re the only one doing what you’re doing, that can set some complacency in it, if you’re not careful. And so, I’ve learned to make sure I separate contentment from complacency. They’re two different things.” -Will Baggett


You can follow Will Baggett on Twitter @W_Baggs. He’s also on LinkedIn; you can find him by searching for his name. More information about his work and book are available online at His book, The Blueprint for a Successful Career, is available wherever you get your books.


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