Yogi Roth, How Great is Ball

Storytelling fosters connection among people. For this week’s guest, professional storyteller, writer, and podcaster Yogi Roth, there’s no more natural connection than that between sports and being human. That’s why he’s dedicated much of his career to finding and sharing those special moments that illustrate the human side of sports—what’s beneath the helmet, uniform, and stats.

His work is based in optimism, he says, and guided by a strong personal philosophy. Regardless of someone’s own goals, Roth encourages everyone to dig down deep and discover their most closely held principles—to learn what they want to do and who they want to be, what their style is, their vision, and their theme.

Together, those make up a philosophy and with that, you can stand firm in what you do and build your own unique voice in the process.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Cultivate relationships through sharing stories
  • Find your overarching philosophy and learn to articulate it
  • Encourage kids to earn their successes, not be handed them
  • Learn to refocus after a disruption
  • Give yourself the freedom not to be perfect


“You can create best practices to be able to reconnect and refocus and I think there’s brilliance to that.” -Yogi Roth

“It’s this constant sharpening of your sword, trying to remain on the razor’s edge of your own approach, so you can impact the people that you’re collaborating with or working for, and I think that’s really vital.” -Yogi Roth

“In football, we cover our heads, we cover our bodies, and people forget we’re human.” -Yogi Roth

“I learned that when you write, specifically, nobody’s talking back to you, so you can be honest and vulnerable around your dreams—around your aspirations.” -Yogi Roth

“I think that parents, now, in this era, want to do so well for their children that they forget, at times, the best thing they could do is let them fall and them watch them have to pick themselves up, and of course, be there for them.” -Yogi Roth


You can find out more about Yogi Roth on his website, YogiRoth.com. There, you’ll find links to some of his writing and also to his podcast, “The Yogi Roth Show: Life Without Limits.” Be on the lookout for his new film, called “The Cape,” coming soon.


In this episode, guest Yogi Roth mentioned the work of Pete Carroll, who encouraged him to find out how to explain his philosophy in 25 words or less. You can read the book they co-authored, Win Forever, on Amazon here.

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