How to Make This Year Your Best Year

You may believe that vision board party is going to help you make this year better than last, but it won’t if you only create the board and then store it away in a drawer, closet, or the back of your car.

Successful people don’t bring their vision to life by simply thinking about manifesting it – they commit to a plan of action to create it. In order to make 2020 your best year yet, you must take very specific steps this year. Steps that require intentional action on your part to create the change this year that last year lacked.

Your intentional plan of attack must be able to keep you present in the current moment, while continuously building momentum toward your desired outcome. On this week’s new podcast episode, Jake shares the five steps you can take to making this year your best year.

Hint: It will require some work on your end because no one “just magically” has their best year. They compete for it.

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Episode 174