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Learn what mental, habitual, & influential skills elite leaders leverage to succeed in their professional and personal lives. Our episodes are motivating - but they go beyond a fire that fades by providing actual takeaways that both new & experienced leaders can implement to create a competitive edge within themselves & their organizations.

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The Power of Mentoring Relationships with Andy Lopata

Six-time author and professional speaker Andy Lopata joins today's show to discuss the power of mentoring for both the mentor and mentee. Lopata is an acclaimed profes...

How to Use Failures to Build You Instead of Break You

Learn from research on how to leverage failures to fuel your motivation to improve instead of allowing it to encourage you to quit.Shop the BRAND NEW Summer Capsule fe...

The Power of a Company's Story for Attracting Talent with Rachel Kennedy

LinkedIn branding coach and speaker Rachel Kennedy joins today's show to discuss how cultures can grow by empowering their employees to build out their personal brands...

Just Do Your Job

Leaning on the Bill Belichek coaching philosophy of "do your job," what does that look like for leaders today, and why is it more than just what our job description sa...

If I Could Have One Birthday Wish, It Would Be This (For You)

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