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Beach Bodies Are Built in the Snow

You can't wait until your feet hit the sand to prepare your beach body - outcomes are earned in the months (not moments) prior.

What If You Turned Your Network Into a Spotify Playlist?

Five Ways to Keep Improving Your Performance After Today's Episode:Hire Jake to speak at your company or event. Click here to learn more.Join our Leadership Coaching C...

Where Are You Wasting Effort?

Where are you putting in great effort... only to waste it because of other choices?

Who Are You Flying With This Year?

Did you know geese can fly 70% further when flying together than when alone? Now, what would that same truth say about the people we fly through life with?

An Honest Conversation on Identity & Competition with former NFL Player Raymont Harris

Where You Should Connect with Raymont:Visit her website to learn about his work.Connect with Raymont on Instagram here & his EMP team on Instagram he...

Three Questions Every Manager Should Ask Their Team Each Month

Jake shares an exercise to compliment Start/Stop/Continue that every manager should ask their team - and perhaps every leader ask themselves.

So What? Now What?

Jake talks about embracing this important mentality during our wins and our toughest moments.

Why Awkwardness Can Be Your Super Power with Henna Pryor

Workplace Performance Expert Henna Pryor joins the show to discuss awkwardness, leadership, & why we need to lean into what makes us quirky to be a more effective leader.

Attention vs. Influence

Are you working to gain attention or build influence?

Grateful for Criticism

What most people fail to realize about criticism - and those who give it - that you need to know as a Competitor.

Cultivating a Competitive Growth Mindset for Life with Margaux Alvarez

Former CrossFit Games competitor, star of NBC's Titan Games, current Tactical Games competitor, & the founder of G.O.A.T wine, Margaux Alvarex has experience with winn...

You Won't Just Do It

We don't "just change" - we must take intentional action. Here's why most people don't.

The Definition of Insanity

It's impossible to expect a better year if you aren't choosing better actions.

Four Thousand Mondays with Jodi Wellman

How will you spend the remaining Mondays you have left? Listen to this inspiring conversation with positive psychologist Jodi Wellman on memento mori & how it can chan...

A Leadership Challenge for 2023 - You Up for It?

Here's a great focus for increasing your leadership influence in 2023. Up to join us for the challenge?

A Small Decision That Separates Successful People

This iconic picture of Kobe Bryant inspired me about how to make 2023 a stronger year - and it's not by hoping for it.

Don't Let Not Seeing Progress Stop You

It's easy to give up when you aren't seeing progress at the rate you expected (or even at all) - but here's why you should keep showing up and embrace the mentality of...

A Simple Plan to Gain an Edge

Here's one way to take advantage of the week when most won't do anything.

Reasons Holding Us Back

What reasons are holding you back from reaching your goals?

How to Handle Failure in Front of Others

Five Ways to Keep Building Your Competitor Mindset After Today's EpisodeHire Jake to speak at your company or event. Click here to learn more.Join Competitor Nation fo...

Why Do You Look Defeated If the Game Isn't Over?

If there's still time on the clock, why does your body language say otherwise?

Don't Leave Points on the Board

In sports, the worst thing you can do is leave points on the board. You have the position & opportunity to score and you don't. Guess what? It's worse to leave points ...

What Will You Make of It?

At some point, we either choose to accept our situation or compete to change it.

Leaders Help Heroes See Themselves

Do you help others see the hero in themselves? Here's why it matters to their long-term potential.

When Having Goals Are Useless

This is one time when having goals is completely useless.

Be Someone Championing This Person

Are you the type of friend who would do this? And would your starting lineup do the same for you?

One of the Most Important Things You Can Say as a Leader

These three words are some of the most important you can ever speak as a leader. Are you using them or letting your ego talk you out of it?

Who Are You When No One's Watching?

Are you two different people - or the same one - when you have an audience and when you don't?

Are You Patient Enough?

Like a great sculptor, patience is required to succeed.

Competitive Advantages Are Found in the Smallest Choices

The best in golf & the 10th best are separated by less than 2 strokes - but millions of dollars in winning. What little, 'can't see choice' can you improve before end ...

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