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It's Not Accidental

Success doesn't happen accidentally - it's the result of intentional choices and actions every day.

One Way To Get Your Team to Buy-In

How can you motivate people to buy-in to your goal and working as passionately as you do?

What Of the Next One?

I get that last one was or wasn't what you wanted, but what really matters is the next one.

Get Fed Up With It with Sarah Tierney of Hard House Nutrition

Nutrition coach Sarah Tierney of Hard House Nutrition joins today's show to talk about getting fed up with your choices, taking responsibility for your life, and the i...

Questions Not Suggestions

Effective leadership requires that we learn how to ask great questions instead of always providing solid suggestions.


If things don't go according to plan, how will you respond?

Mental Health is Mental Toughness with Priscilla Tallman

Arizona Christian University Assistant Beach coach Priscilla Tallman joins the show to discuss mental health, mental toughness, and the importance of journaling for pe...

What About Them?

Are you solely focused on what you can gain... or what you can help others garner, too?

Make It Easier

Habits are best sustained if they're easy to stick with.

Outworking Your Talent with Eliot Marshall

Former MMA fighter & current co-owner of Denver's Easton Training Center, Eliot Marshall, joins today to talk about his upbringing, the importance of facing your o...

Is This One of the Worst Pieces of Encouragement?

Learn what one of the worst pieces of encouragement you can give someone is - and what you should tell them instead.

How to Be More Self-Motivated

Learn how you can overcome a lack of "feeling" motivated to keep moving forward.

Shovel Dirt

How do you move a mountain? I share a painful lesson from my past and the mentality that got me through it.

Does Your Calendar Reflect Your Priorities?

If you say it's a priority, can it be seen on your calendar? If not, is it really a priority?

Who Are You Listening To?

Hear the story of Florence Chadwick and the importance of controlling who you listen to?

Lessons or Examples?

Are you setting the example to follow or creating a lesson to avoid?

Freedom Requires Courage

As we celebrate the Fourth of July, I'm always reminded about the importance of seeking freedom in each of our lives - and why it always requires bravery to achieve.

Where Do You Put More Time?

Where do you invest more of your time - into your skills or on your scroll?

Just a Bunch of Wednesdays

Life is a bunch of boring, repeatable days. Are we being intentional with our middle of the week or are we just getting through it?

Rewarded Behavior is Repeated Behavior

What we praise gets put into focus.

Can't See to Can't Miss

Success in life comes down to what "can't see" choices we make consistently to create the "can't miss" results we desire.

Responding to Imperfection with Emily Williams of Champion Mindset Consulting

Champion Mindset Consulting mental performance coach Emily Williams joins the show to discuss the process over perfection, staying in the moment, and some youth sports...

The Most Important Person You Have to Lead

As a leader, know who the most important person is you have to lead so you can invest in them every day.

Why You Need a Reset Rule

We take it back to the archives to refresh an important topic on why everyone needs a "reset" button and how to look at it in a fresh light.

The Three You Need

Who are the three key figures you need in order to get to that next level in your career or life? Find out today.

Are You Training Followers or Developing People?

There's a difference between training our people and developing them. Learn what you can do to shift gears in order to grow your people and organization.

There's More to Your Health Than What You Eat

We tend to focus exclusively on our nutrition and workouts when it comes to health, but there's a big factor of life that influences our health that most overlook. Lea...

Thriving on Life with CJ Finley

Thrive on Life podcast host & founder CJ Finley joins the show to discuss his dramatic life change, embracing a mentality to "thrive on life," and how to balance g...

This Always Comes Before Communication

As a leader, there's one key focus that's more important in your role than improving communication lines.

Living More. Fear Less.

It's rare to live fearlessly but how can we find opportunities to live more with less fear?

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