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Finding Confidence When You Lack It with Paige Tonz

We talk with girl's youth sports mentor Paige Tonz about building confidence when we lack it, overcoming nervousness before a performance, and on the parenting side, t...

Fear of OPO and Why Leaders Need to Hit "Publish"

We each have an incredible opportunity to grow our leadership influence and impact by learning to hit "publish," so why do we let OPO frequently talk us out of it?

How Weekends Separate Winners - And Why It Doesn't Induce Burnout

Learn how to take advantage of your weekend and why the mentality of "Weekends Separate Winners" doesn't lead to burnout but betterment.

What Labels Are You Choosing?

We all wear nametags for labels others have given to us - but which labels are we choosing to keep and which are ones we need to get rid of?

Managing vs. Coaching Your Team to Success

There's a stark difference between coaching and managing team members. Learn what the difference is and why great leaders can flip between both modes to pull the best ...

Reaching Bigger Goals Still Starts with This

Getting to the next level and achieving even bigger goals still starts with this one thing.

Winning the Mental Game with Dr. Amber Selking

Learn how to win your mental game with sports performance consultant Dr. Amber Selking.

Are You Telling Your Team You Don't Trust Them?

It's easy to do, but every time we say 'yes' to this one thing, we're communicating to our team that we lack trust in their ability.

How to Find Optimism in a Negative Situation

Today I share tips for how we can build optimism during the midst of challenging or negative situations.

You Owe It To Yourself

You won't always have "it," but you owe it to yourself to still find a way to do this one thing.

An Idea for Leading Your Next Meeting

Learn a few ideas on how to change your meetings for the better while forging stronger relationships & culture with your team.

What You Have or What You Don't?

Are you worried about what you don't have or focused on utilizing what you do?

You Need This to Bring Your Best Consistently

In order to bring your best and succeed, you have to make sure you're making time for this activity.

One Exercise to Help Your Team Build Grit

Learn how a two-question exercise every day or week can help your team refocus and slowly build their grit and winning mindset.

Thoughts Are Like Songs on the Radio

Our thoughts are like songs on the radio - just because we hear them all, doesn't mean we have to sing along with each one.

How You Spend your Time...

You know what they say... how one spends their time is how one spends their life. Are you fulfilled with how you're spending life - and if not, are you willing to chan...

Mental Imagery with Elite Mindset's Gary Chupik

Learn how mental imagery can help us prepare more effectively and why "just think positive" is terrible advice with today's guest Gary Chupik of Elite Mindset.

It's a Competitive Advantage to Prepare Before the Moment

You can create a competitive edge by preparing for your opportunity before it arrives. Here's why "Clutch" is simply another way to say "prepared."

Are You Simply Blending In?

Are your daily actions causing you to stand out or simply look like everyone else? If the latter, why do you expect different results?

What's the Lesson Here?

Win or lose, if you want to become a master at your craft, you always have to ask yourself this one question.

What's More Important Than Your Sad Story

Making sure you share this is more important than talking about what challenges you're stuck facing.

What Happy Gilmore Has to Do With Visualization with Sam Leavens

Mental performance coach Sam Leavens discusses our internal battle with perfectionism and performance, growth and why visualization is more powerful than "believe it a...

It's a Competitive Advantage to Make Commitments

Learn why it's a competitive advantage to honor the commitments you make... to yourself (most of all).

Do You Help Others See This Every Day?

Do you help your team - and more importantly, your friends/family - see this every day in themselves?

Who Are You Choosing to Think As Today?

Be honest today, are you listening to Winner's Thoughts or Loser's Thoughts? Be encouraged to win your day with this episode.

Will You Be Able to Adjust?

Will you be capable of adjusting when things outside of your control derail you?

Building a Healthy Work/Family/Fitness Integration with Brian Covey

I sat down with speaker & VP of Loan Depot Brian Covey to discuss his book, achieving a healthy work-life balance, and what tips he has for building a healthy pers...

It's a Competitive Advantage to Read

Most Americans never read another book after high school. Fewer still read at least one book per year. Want to separate yourself and build knowledge that most can only...

Take That Breath

Sit on a recent coaching conversation and why pausing when asked a question isn't a negative move.

Contentment Ain't Complacency

Being content with your progress isn't the same as taking your foot off the gas and being complacent. Try this instead.

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