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One of the Most Important Things You Can Say as a Leader

These three words are some of the most important you can ever speak as a leader. Are you using them or letting your ego talk you out of it?

Who Are You When No One's Watching?

Are you two different people - or the same one - when you have an audience and when you don't?

Are You Patient Enough?

Like a great sculptor, patience is required to succeed.

Competitive Advantages Are Found in the Smallest Choices

The best in golf & the 10th best are separated by less than 2 strokes - but millions of dollars in winning. What little, 'can't see choice' can you improve before ...

The Final 37

How will you win the final 37? By winning today - and then repeating it 36 more times.

BONUS: Happy Thanksgiving Competitor

A special message to you & yours on this Thanksgiving holiday.

What If You Didn't Know Any Better?

What would you achieve if you acted like you didn't know any better?

Take 10 Minutes to Save Hours Each Week

Take time every Friday for this one exercise to better set yourself up to win each week.

Fortitudine Vincimus

The story of Ernest Shackletone & the power of endurance.

Quit Cleaning Your Garage (Fight Your Procrastination)

Just like

Why Is This a Common Excuse?

Why is this a common cop-out for so many people who could be succeeding?

Learning to Love the Work

People who love the work win more than people who just love the outcome.

Why Aren't You Failing More?

Where could you be doing more and raising your baseline... but haven't because you're avoiding something you *might* fail doing at all costs?

One Choice to Change Your Future

Making this one choice today will absolutely change where you end up five years from now.

Growth is Supposed to Be Uncomfortable

Just like training strength in the gym requires a level of discomfort to get better, so do your career, relationships, and life. So why do we keep avoiding discomfort ...

Having Momentum Requires Creating Movement

It's easier to stay moving once you get moving... so why are so many people waiting until January 1?

Thriving in Uncertain Times

We live in uncertain times - so what's someone supposed to do in order to thrive when so much is beyond their control?

Are You Taking Two Steps Back?

Are you taking two steps back every single weekend? Or are you using the two days to separate yourself?

Getting Better Results Starts By Giving More of This

Getting better results starts by looking in the mirror and asking ourselves, "Where do I need to be giving better?"

Do This First to Effectively Lead Others

A lesson from a GOAT about where leadership really starts.

Are Your Routines Productive or Poisonous?

Are You Wasting Movement?

Movement without this one thing is wasted effort.

Leadership & Priorities

How can it ALL be a priority? The truth is: it can't.

Are You Reinforcing a Limiting Belief

Is the way you talk reinforcing a limit - or really helping you grow?

Dealing with Adversity & Blocking Out Critics Internal & External with Angela Gargano

Former American Ninja Warrior & entrepreneur Angela Gargano joins the show to discuss her athletic journey, overcoming painful setbacks, & how to manage the gr...

But Do You Really?

We tell our people that we trust them... but do we really if our actions say otherwise?

Will You Look Foolish?

How can we expect to get what we want if we shy away from asking for it?

A Slow Start Doesn't Cement Your Finish

The story of legendary MLB pitcher Nolan Ryan shares incredible stories about the importance of our start - and even more, our finish.

Feelings are Fickle

Similar to our internal thoughts - we can hear something without listening to and obeying it. Today's motivational message is all about why this is so important.

Start Playing Life from the Flag

Discover how Tiger Woods played golf - and why the mindset is crucial to help you play the game of life.

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