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Feasts Kill Beasts

When are the kings of the jungle most vulnerable? Right after a feast. Discover what shift in mindset you can make to avoid the same fate.

Always Lead with This

Even though it's rarely ever done, make sure that you always lead with this as a leader.

Staying Locked Into the Moment to Maximize It

Champions understand they must be where their feet are to perform at their best.

Never Quit in the Valley

No matter what, commit to yourself that you'll never give up in the valley.

What's Getting a Better Workout?

What's getting a more consistent workout by you - your thumbs or your thoughts?

Greatness Is a Daily Choice

Excellence isn't a "sometimes" thing - it's a choice we make every single day. Here's why.

No One Drifts Toward Productive

No one's natural inclination is toward success. It's toward comfort and complacency. Learn how the slow fade is a trap that most fall into - and what you need to do to...

Is Your Team Needing to Hear More of This?

It's important for leaders to instruct and command their team on the what & how, but it's more imperative that they communicate this one thing to their team consis...

Are You Using Your Past as a Crutch or a Chisel?

Today's episode is inspired by a line from Cameron Haynes about the importance of how winner's view their past in the pursuit of their future.

Choosing to Control Your Attention with Dr. Molly McQueary

I sit down with Certified Mental Performance Coach Dr. Molly McQueary to discuss controlling our attention, changing our thoughts to neutral and what our dogs barking ...

How to Deal with Difficult People

We all have *those* coworkers that are difficult to deal with - but how can we be more effective in doing so?

Stop Stopping Yourself (Part 3)

Part 3 on 6 ways to get out of your own way so you can start seizing success more consistently.

Stop Stopping Yourself (Part 2)

Part 2 of 3 on 6 ways to get out of your own way so you can start seizing success more consistently.

Stop Stopping Yourself (Part 1)

Part 1 of 3 on 6 ways to get out of your own way so you can start seizing success more consistently.

Don't Practice to Practice

Growth is experienced through intentional reps toward a target - you can't just practice to practice and get better.

Are You Fueling Their Fight?

People are fighting heavy battles that we don't even know about - are you leading by helping fuel their fight?

People Will Mess Up. How Should a Leader Respond?

Do we use others' mistakes at work as a chance to criticize - or to coach up?

Strengths & Growths

Struggling with imposter syndrome? Learn one exercise you can use to build confidence when you feel like you don't belong.

Winning Is Not Accidental

Success doesn't happen accidentally - it's the result of intentional choices and actions every day.

One Way To Get Your Team to Buy-In

How can you motivate people to buy-in to your goal and working as passionately as you do?

What Of the Next One?

I get that last one was or wasn't what you wanted, but what really matters is the next one.

Get Fed Up With It with Sarah Tierney of Hard House Nutrition

Nutrition coach Sarah Tierney of Hard House Nutrition joins today's show to talk about getting fed up with your choices, taking responsibility for your life, and the i...

Leaders Ask More Questions Than Give Suggestions

Effective leadership requires that we learn how to ask great questions instead of always providing solid suggestions.


If things don't go according to plan, how will you respond?

Mental Health is Mental Toughness with Priscilla Tallman

Arizona Christian University Assistant Beach coach Priscilla Tallman joins the show to discuss mental health, mental toughness, and the importance of journaling for pe...

What About Them?

Are you solely focused on what you can gain... or what you can help others garner, too?

Building Good Habits Start with Making Them Easier

Habits are best sustained if they're easy to stick with.

Outworking Your Talent with Eliot Marshall

Former MMA fighter & current co-owner of Denver's Easton Training Center, Eliot Marshall, joins today to talk about his upbringing, the importance of facing your o...

Is This One of the Worst Pieces of Encouragement?

Learn what one of the worst pieces of encouragement you can give someone is - and what you should tell them instead.

How to Be More Self-Motivated

Learn how you can overcome a lack of "feeling" motivated to keep moving forward.

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