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What Are You Trading For?

What are you choosing to trade your life for?

Focusing on Skills Not Scoreboards with Mental Performance Coach Bryn Drescher

Mental performance coach Bryn Drescher joins the show to share her inspirational upbringing, separating our identity from our task, and why it's more important to focu...

It's a Competitive Advantage to Learn from Failure

You can build your edge in life by taking the time to evaluate and learn from setbacks instead of quitting immediately after or rushing back into another attempt. It's...

Giving This Every Day to Earn Better Influence

Learn why doing this is one of the most important keys to establishing a stronger leadership influence.

Why You Need To Act Like a Front Row Student

As much as I avoided sitting on the front row in high school and college, there's something you can do better from the front row than anywhere else - and why we need t...

Some Thoughts on Being "Self-Made"

The idea of being self-made really helps inflate our ego, but here's why it's not necessarily realistic - and why that's not a bad thing.

Building an Elite Mindset & Elite Life with Todd Cetnar

Todd Cetnar is a mental performance coach and CEO of Cetnar Consulting Group. He joins this week's show to discuss how we take steps to build an elite mindset to impac...

It's a Competitive Advantage to Control This

Learn one thing you can do to separate yourself and have a competitive advantage in life.

Do This to Take Your Team Culture to the Next Level

Learn three steps you can take to help your team culture take the next step toward greatness.

Who Are You Responding As?

Who will you respond as when things don't go your way or according to plan? Will you be like everyone else or will you choose to be this person instead?

Will You Even Be Ready For It?

Opportunities show up all the time - but are we doing the work today for the moment we haven't even reached yet?

Battling the Pressures to Be Perfect with Breanne Smedley

Certified Positive Performance Mindset Coach Breanne Smedley joins the show to discuss the pressures of perfectionism, how to handle negative influences & the impo...

It's a Competitive Advantage to Work Without Feeling It

Discover how it's a competitive advantage to be someone capable of doing the work when you're not 'feeling it.'

You Don't Need to Be the Most Interesting Person in the World

To be a more effective leader, focus on being more of this one thing than on being the most interesting person in their world.

Having a Response vs. Reacting Separates Winners

There's a dramatic difference between being someone who reacts and someone who can respond. Learn the difference and why one is a game-changer for successful people.

You Can't Even Consider This

Learn the one thing you cannot allow if you are committed to reaching your goal and your ultimate potential.

Do This to Improve Your Chances of Getting that Goal

Learn four key things you can do to improve your chances of getting that "would be nice to have" goal to "dang right I got it" achievement.

It's a Competitive Advantage to Follow Through

Learn how it's a competitive advantage in life to be someone willing to follow through.

Are You Willing to Try Something Different?

Being great requires the ability to try something new & different in order to achieve new & better results - but is your ego preventing you from doing this?

Failing by Default

We're choosing to fail by default when we choose to give into our comforts instead of betting on ourselves.

What If I Don't Know How to Start?

Too often our default excuse is "I don't know where to start." But in today's age, that excuse doesn't cut it for those who want to be a Champion.

The Enemy of Sustained Success

Learn what the enemy of sustained success is and how you can train yourself to overcome it.

You Won't Be Successful Unless You Become This First

Everyone wants to be great, but few are willing to humble themselves and be THIS first in order to become great.

A Leader Works to Make The Team Feel This

If you want to build your leadership influence, work consistently to make sure your team always feels this one thing.

Always Busy Doesn't Equal Always Better

Just because you're busy doesn't guarantee you're getting better. Learn why - and how - you have to make time for what matters most.

Upgrading Your Results Requires This

You can't upgrade your results or your life until you first learn to upgrade this specific thing.

Failing Better with Ashley Kuchar

Jake sits down with Fail Better Training founder & mental performance coach Ashley Kuchar to discuss failure, identify, & how we shift internal critic toward s...

Mental Toughness is Doing This

Mental toughness is defined by a number of things but it essentially comes down to our ability to feel fear and do this one thing.

An Overlooked Key to Motivating Your Team

On today's show, I share one key thing that most companies overlook when motivating their teams to show up stronger at work.

This is Gasoline for Getting Your Goals

Learn what mental skill is like gasoline for going after your goals and rebounding from failure.

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